You’re in love! You want to stay alone with your beloved. Portugal is the perfect setting for your romantic stay. One or two weeks in Lagos (a charming town in the south of Portugal). During the day, you can go for a romantic stroll on a long sandy beach or enjoy the romantic spirit of the small wild beaches.

Enjoy the warm sun and the companionship of your beloved. You both can also go on tour by the surrounding villages and natural beaches, where you can swim, make surfing, sail, or decide to meet the dolphins or scuba dive between the shafts. You can also visit Lisbon (by bus or car) located at 300km from Lagos. At the evening you can opt for a romantic restaurant with regional delicacies, bars with wines/ drinks from all over the world and if you love to dance you can go to clubs or discos. Nature adventure romance and night entertainment. It seems perfect to me. And you both … What is your opinion?

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